Annual Fund
Using a well-defined plan, an annual campaign to raise money for operating expenses is perhaps the most enjoyable fund-raising endeavor.  McKellar Consulting will assist you in mobilizing your board, volunteers and staff into action, producing measurable results with easy-to-maintain spreadsheets to track your goals and successes, by creating a year-long strategy to reach out to your community of supporters.

Capital Campaigns
Capital Campaigns provide the opportunity to dramatize your organization's needs and relate them to your long-range financial plans.  McKellar Consulting will lead your campaign process to maximize your volunteer and staff time toward the greatest opportunities for fundraising success. McKellar Consulting has successful experience in writing and shepherding individual, corporate and foundation grants.

Cause-Related Marketing
Altruism. Corporate responsibility. Philanthropy. These are often used to describe cause-related marketing: when businesses champion charities or causes to market an image, product, or service for mutual benefit. Nothing builds brand loyalty among today's increasingly hard-to-please consumers like a company's proven commitment to a worthy cause. McKellar Consulting will help you find natural for-profit partners to highlight your mission with the corporate community offering you a powerful marketing edge and increasing your fundraising success.

Donations made to fund a specific interest and maintained as principal.  The interest generated is typically spent on programming or re-invested.

Feasibility Studies
Want to know if your organization is ready to run a campaign? Need to know what your donors think of the idea? A well run feasibility study will answer these questions and more. For an honest and confidential assessment, call us!

Federal Appropriations Pursuit
McKellar Consulting has achieved great success in securing federal appropriations, or "earmarks" for our non-profit clients.  Proper positioning with key members of Congress ensures that our clients' funding requests receive attention. Appreciation and understanding of the federal budgeting process is a critical component of our successful strategies. 

Issue Positioning
Utilizing relationships McKellar Consulting has built with various lawmakers and their staff members enables us to inform targeted decision-makers about our clients' specific goals. In turn, we mobilize appropriate action on our clients' behalf while constantly evaluating, monitoring and forwarding each client's specific needs.

Legislative Change
For changes in legislation or new ideas altogether, a convincing paradigm must exist. McKellar Consulting has a successful formula of evaluating the current legislation and determining the best avenue for change. Building an accurate timeline and "shopping" draft legislation is paramount to ultimate success.

Your voice needs to be heard by targeted elected officials. Through relationships McKellar Consulting has enjoyed over the years, we are able to lobby successfully at the city, county, state and federal levels of government. We tackle a variety of issues for our clients including funding for projects, changes in current legislation and new legislative ideas. If your not-for-profit needs a higher profile in the halls of government, we will help you craft a strategy and implement it.

Partnerships with For-Profits
Let us assist you in finding a corporate partner. Many companies wish to establish an on-going relationship with a not-for-profit.  They seek an organization that speaks to their clientele by identifying a similar audience, benefiting both the for-profit and not-for profit, and developing long-lasting partnership.

Public-Private Partnerships
Leveraging undervalued assets is often overlooked by non-profit organizations. Let us help you inventory your assets and see if you are overlooking such a possibility. Capitalizing on opportunities with private companies who partner with non-profits is brilliant. Let's take a look!

The opportunity to create advertising based sponsorships with for-profit companies is another way to create dynamic fundraising opportunities. Driven by earned media efforts, we'll help you craft and pitch sponsorship proposals to the appropriately matched for-profit companies.

The advanced coordination of strategic positioning, strategic planning, and strategic thinking; a combination of activities designed to meet specific goals. Strategery is crucial when organizations large and small face complicated projects which require coalescing people with various skills and responsibilities.

Sustainable Revenue
Hospitals have gift shops.  Universities install parking meters.  Museums sell tickets to special exhibits.  What can your organization do to defray expenses?  With your guidance, we will conduct an audit of your non-profit to identify possible revenue-generating opportunities.  You may be surprised to learn what potential money-making endeavors are within your reach! 

Tax Credits
Many funding opportunities exist for non-profits in the form of tax credits. Different uses exist at federal, state and local levels. We'll help you identify the best matches and create robust strategies to pursue them.